Tuesday Group Notes

Cedric post-talk
∘ mainly just talked about front-end design principles that could be useful for finding jobs
‣ bootstrap
‣ sass
‣ css3
‣ jquery
∘ compared and contrasted the differences in each separate field
‣ finance you make more
‣ healthcare you work with
∘ talked about ways to "get ahead"
‣ networking
‣ staying healthy
‣ work/life balance
‣ writing down everything you do to demonstrate your worth, especially during performance interviews
‣ have professional credentials online (e.g. Linkdin)

• Alex Milinovich
∘ started in Political Science, how do you think he transitioned to CS and data science

• *Showed side projects*

People Present: Callen Therrien, Haylie Toth, Jacob Bradley
Date: 4/25/16

He was probably the most relatable speaker and a great optimistic attitude. It’s was really interesting to see how he got into web development and his experiences at John Carroll.

Project Updates
Callen – Pretty well working on resume website.
Haylie – Alexa, just worried about connecting to her. More using templates and make it how you want it. Multiple levels of what you can do with Alexa.
Jacob—UI is coming along and how to access script. Trying to make it work via phone.
Peter – Went to Center for Global Healthcare Innovation. Product is lab contamination samples. Can predict if blood is contaminated or not.
For project, need to turn in alpha release on Friday May 5th. Then Dr. Palmer is going to break down who is presenting and not presenting at the final.

Two JCU students took their final projects and started it was a business involving mobile apps. Built maps you could take on a campus tour and give yourself your own tour.

Data Scientist Speaker
Non-traditional data scientist who self-taught himself the topic. Has undergraduate degree in political science. Got a job at Cleveland Clinic for web development position and beat out other candidates with computer science degrees.