4 11 17 Pre Discussion Notes

4/11/17 Notes

Present: Haylie Toth, Callen Therrien, and Jacob Bradley
Note Taker: Jacob Bradley

General confusion over email form Dr. Palmer, IE why are we talking about the Clinic again? Oh well guess we’ll just talk about Bryce from last week.

Thoughts on Bryce
J: Only there for about 20 minutes, but Bernard seemed to be enjoying it.
C: It was really boring, I have no idea what he was talking about. He should have gone into more depth with it and also looked at a higher level
C: It wasn’t a very involved session, only Bernard seemed to be getting much out of it.
J: Do you think it was the topic or the web cam that made it less involved
C: Yes, but with google I think it’ll be better. This one was just…dull

C: I think it’s cool we have a web development person coming in, its something that haley and I can interact with better, as we have some background experience in it. Im interested in hearing what kind of tools he uses for his website and how he got to where he is.
C:Oh he went to JCU, that’s cool
J: Really?
C: He cofounded his company as a freshman, and urrently works at Am trust financial doing web development. I wonder how he balances both in his life
J: Yeah I would oimagine its uh a real passion that he has and that probablys it easier
C: That’s true, It seems like the things he designs would well with that as a passion
J: I wonder what he thinks of javascripts comparators, and if he thinks that theres a slow move towards making even scripting languages more OO
C: Yeah that be interesting, I know you can make objects in javascript but its not like OOPL
J: Yeah it’s lacking some tools
H Arrives
C: What do you think about the video guy
H: I was zoned out, it wasn’t boring, it was just that I had no understanding of what he was talking about
C: Yeah he never gave a higher level
H: Yeah, he seemed like a nice person, but he just didn’t have anything that we could contribute to
C: Yeah I agree
*J furiously takes notes*
*Everyone looks around*
H: We definitely talked about the Cleveland last time
C: Yeah
H Gets updated
CWe’re really intersetd in seeing how he balances everything, I wonder how he got into web development, given that JCU is sort of weak in that area
H: I wonder if he got certified or if he holds any certifications or anything else that he learned to use
*H Visitss website*
H: Oh this is nice. He got a full ride to study here
J: Wow JCU doesn’t do that very often
H: He needs to fix his grammar mistakes in his bio…Oh and hes a drummer
J: strange comobination, well I guess not, he is in music for his website
*Brief conversation about hosts*
*Cedric walks by behind us*
C: Where are you guys on your project