Alex Milinovich


Alex Milinovich
Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
Quantitative Health Sciences Department
Systems Analyst


Although Alex Milinovich did not major in Computer Science, he began his software development career in his Junior year of college. While the man was working as an office assistant for a Columbus company, his talents for data management and software development were discovered and he soon eased his way into increasingly complex, software-oriented tasks. In Alex's senior year of college, he acquired a position at a small software development company, focusing intensely on Web Development and data management.

Alex is a graduate of the Ohio State University. Upon graduation, Alex sought a software development position for a larger company. With this desire prioritized, Alex acquired a position at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine as a web architect, constructing web solutions under a rapidly idea-generating program director. Eventually, this program was assumed into the Lerner Research Institute's Quantitative Health Sciences Department, and Alex quickly delved into the academic.

Alex is known in the Quantitative Health Sciences Department for having established the infrastructure for translating Epic's quasi-relational database structure into a fully relational, easily analyzable format which updates on a nightly interval. Alex also participates in ongoing research initiatives through his use of computational modes of analysis. One such example is his recently-published use of NLP for the analysis of unstructured doctor's notes. Alex works alongside statisticians, epidemiologists, and medical professionals to further medical research and drug development.

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