Ann Ortega 2-24-11

Host Team: Nate Austin, Byron Kazek, Loren Pachuta



Ann Ortega
Systems Analyst
The MetroHealth System

Ann Ortega is a Systems Analyst for The MetroHealth System in Cleveland, Ohio. During the past five years, she has been a driving force behind the health system’s use of OnBase. Specifically, she was instrumental in successfully implementing document management and workflow solutions across Accounts Payable, Human Resources and Materials Management departments.

Ann has been with The MetroHealth System for six years, working and supporting document management. She is an OnBase Certified System Administrator and Workflow Administrator. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. []

2-24-11 Debate Topic


  • Metrohealth System includes inpatient and outpatient sites
  • MetroHealth owns one hospital, Cleveland clinic owns several hospitals
  • Metro Health is the only level 1 trauma center in the region
  • County owned hospital/government owned: money comes from county grants etc


  • an enterprise content management system
  • Software application made by Hyland software used by metro. Some competitors include landsvision and ams.
  • Been using OnBase since 2003
  • Can export hl7 to a readable way
  • incorporates signature pads (all without printing paper)
  • integrated with epic seamlessly
  • has 2 servers to use 10.0 and 7.2
  • Its not very hard to get other departments to want to change, other departments hear about it from word of mouth and get involved
  • has 3 support teams just for health care
  • Batch OCR optical character recognition: text search a document even when you scan a document works 95% of the time

Some problems with paper:

  • hard to access
  • wasteful
  • hard to lock up personnel files with paper
  • its much more time consuming to get people to sign off on things when hard copies of paper are involved
  • electronic forms make it easier to have required fields
  • document content management goals: dont print paper to begin with/eliminate the process of printing, scanning and reading the information

Spends 5% of her time on Rightfax

  • rightfax is a fax server
  • it eliminates fax machines and printing out documents