Boban Josipovic

Host Teams: Jason Shifflet. Dr. Bob Cecil, Dr. Piraino

Final Project


  • Test Radiology Software that my group and I created last semester in a clinical environment
  • Get a feel for how the software will be used and if it actually helps doctors while they diagnose x-ray images
    • Doctors will diagnose five or more x-rays using the software and some time later they will diagnose the same images without the help of the software
  • Get feedback from doctors that will help to improve the software in the future
    • We want to see if it is worth spending more time developing this software

Additional Feature

  • Add email notification to software will require adding an email field into the database and change some pages around
  • Annotation has been voted as the "final annotation" it moves to a final annotations page
    • Email will be sent to the annotator of that final annotation informing them that their annotation has been chosen as the best diagnoses
  • Emails will also be sent to new users when someone creates an username and password for them


  • The email feature has already been implemented and it uses a "fake" gmail account to send out emails to users
  • We hope to test the software by the end of April or finals week (early May)
    • Depending when the JCU and Cleveland Clinic IRBs approve the project proposals


March 29, 2011

Software Description

  • Radiology software that enables doctors to diagnose x-ray images more efficiently
    • Allows doctors to collaborate when coming up with a diagnosis for a x-ray
  • Doctors will be presented with images that have not yet been diagnosed
    • Can click on image to open it up in svg-edit where they can highlight and add an annotations right onto the x-ray
      • The annotation will get extracted and used on the voting page when the user clicks on the highlighted area
      • The voting page will also allow doctors to zoom in on the x-ray
    • Doctors will be able to vote up on annotations that they agree on or down on annotations that they disagree on
    • When there is a certain number of up votes compared to down votes (currently 50) the annotation will be marked as the final diagnoses for the x-ray and moved to the final diagnosis page
    • The user who's annotation was chosen as the final diagnosis will receive an email informing them that their annotation has been selected as the final diagnosis
  • The final diagnosis page displays a table of all the annotations with the winning annotation highlighted
    • When the x-ray image is clicked it will only display the x-ray image with the winning annotation

Goal of software

  • Our goal when we created this software was to incorporate a social aspect into the x-ray diagnoses process
    • This would enable doctors to collaborate together on x-rays
  • We are hoping that it will allow doctors to diagnose x-rays faster and more efficiently
    • Doctors would not need to wait on their colleagues for a second opinion on x-rays because their colleagues will be able to log in and give a second opinion instantly

Milestones Nice job on Milestones 1 & 2 -DWP

Milestone 1: Email Feature

Status: Completed on 3/12/11

  • The email feature will notify users when their annotation has been chosen as the final diagnoses and moved to the final diagnoses page.
    • It will send out an email to the email address specified when the user account was first created.
  • The email feature will also send out an email to new users when an existing user creates their account.
    • The email will include the user name, password and the name of the user who created the account.
  • The email will be sent out when the votes up contains 50 more votes than the votes down. (It can be changed in the votes.php file)

Milestone 2: Deliver software

Status: Completed on 4/9/2011

  • The software will be delivered for users to start testing.
    • An admin account will be created that will allow the creation of new users.
    • The database will be cleared and all of the folders containing image information will also be deleted.
    • A setup word document will also be included that will explain how to setup the software
      • It will also contain the username and password for the administrator account that will be used to set up other users
  • The software will be installed on Dr. Piraino's laptop as well as placed on a flashdrive.
    • The zip file was loaded onto Dr. Piraino's laptop but it was corrupted. I sent Dr. Piraino a link where he can download the software from dropbox as well as the setup doc and the user guide.
    • Dr. Piraino has received the email, but he did not mention if he installed it or had any trouble installing the software.

Milestone 3: Meet with Dr. Piraino

Status: Completed on 4/20/2011

  • Reviewed all the new features of the software
    • Made sure Dr. Piraino is comfortable with the software
  • Made sure all features worked as planned
  • Discussed how the testing will be done
  • Updated User documentation
    • how to remove users and images
    • how to edit existing users

Milestone 4: 1-2 Page Software Description

Status: Completed on 5/9/2011

  • Will describe what the product does
    • Only about final version delivered to Dr. Piraino
    • Not about architecture or development/future development

+++ Milestone 4: Testing
Status: Not yet completed
Doctors will diagnose x-ray images with and without the software
We want to find out if it the software improves the diagnosis process

Milestone 5: Interview/Feedback
Status: Not yet completed
Interview participants for feedback about the software
Does it improve the diagnosis process?
Is it efficient?

Software and Documentation

DWP Response: Add some of the descriptive text that we discussed to milestones one and two - this would be explanations that would eventually end up in the paper that we write on the subject.

DWP 5/1/11 Response: Due to things outside of your control - not everything that we planned for can be done by this Thursday. You have done a great job on everything so far. We need to consider how to wrap the course portion of this project up. Can you include links to the updated documentation that you distributed last week? I will meet with you first on Tuesday's class.