Cal Al-Dhubaib 3-21-2017

Cal Al-Dhubaib
Principal Data Scientist at Pandata LLC
Founder of Triple Analytics


Cal came to Cleveland from Saudi Arabia at age 18 to study at Case Western Reserve. Cal received his Bachelor's Degree in Data Science from Case Western Reserve while minoring in Systems Engineering and Computational Neuroscience. He became Case Western first ever graduate in Data Science by designing his own independent major in Healthcare Data Science. Cal continued on with graduate studies at Case and received a Master's in Systems and Control Engineering.

Cal is now currently a Partner and Principal Data Scientist at Pandata LLC. Pandata is a Cleveland based company that deals with all things data and uses that data to provide organization with meaningful knowledge. He is also the founder of Triple Analytics, which eases the process of prior authorization for care providers. Cal has received recognition on a national and international level and is passionate about growing the field of Data Science in Northeastern Ohio.

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