Cedric Pre Discussion Notes

People Present: Dom, Peter, Dean

Cleveland Clinic Speakers
- stressed building relationships with clients
- urged that relationships can be more important than technical prowess in some cases
- these relationship skills are things not necessarily taught in the classroom setting

- requirements coming from different people can mean different things
- meaning of "alphabet" can be different to other people (only lowercase letters, only uppercase letters, or both)

- works as a ront-End developer for Amtrust
- graduated from JCU in 2013
- works in music and graphic design
- made a poster for Blossom Music Center for a classical music arrangement concert
- his website features graophic designs and samples of his music on his website

- we think he will talk about…
- presenting yourself in a website is a very important skill in today's standards
- where he finds his clients
- he will focus on a more artistic level
- how the self-branding process goes