Cleveland Clinic Radiology Team


Jim Wetzel, Lindsey Marrero, Mike Ciancibello, and Roseanne Spitznagel form the development team for Radiology Informatics at the Cleveland Clinic. They build and maintain software aimed at aiding Radiologists and Cleveland Clinic caregivers with their jobs, improving efficiency, and driving innovation in the department.

Roseanne is a 1995 JCU grad is the team's manager and has been at the Clinic since 1998. Jim (a 2001 JCU grad) is the lead Systems Analyst and has been at the clinic for 9 years. Mike (a 2014 JCU grad) is a Systems Analyst on the team since his graduation. Mike was one of the first Alumni of the joint John Carroll/Cleveland Clinic internship program. Lindsey is the newest addition to the team, joining in the Clinic in 2011 and the team in 2015. Lindsey graduated from the University of Toledo and then went on to get her Masters at Ohio University.

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