Cleveland Clinic - Dean

Cleveland Clinic Scribing
Roseann Spitznagel
- IT Management
- 25 experience in the field

Mike Ciancibello
- From John Carroll and American Greetings
- Did mobile development

Jim Wetzel
- National city bank for 7 years
- Cleveland clinic started in 2008

Lindsay Marrero
- University of Toledo
- Ohio University in 2008
- Imaging applications and business in the Cleveland Clinic

What Do you think makes a good developer
- Someone who learns things and knows how to learn
- Someone who is curious and attentive to detail
o Look for problems and threats of problems
- Someone who works well with others

Business and Technical Requirements
- Requirements change based on who you talk to
- Definition of alphabet can change based on who you talk to
- Different answers can all be correct

Real World Example
- chairman requested report which lists all cases that he’s “read” in 2016
- When he actually wanted to know how many cases he “signed”
o Attending radiologist signs it and becomes legally responsible for the case
- When he saw how many he read, it was a lot less than it should have been
- The chairman’s lingo and the team members lingo did not match up
o When they ran it correctly for “sign” the correct results were yielded
- Know the lingo
- Ask clarifying questions

End User Feedback
- Spring 2014 internship project
o Web application for capturing doctor metadata
o Small pilot group of end users
 Helped enter data into application
- Bi-weekly meetings for “data entry”
o Opportunity to watch end-users interacting with systems
 Let them take control

Web Application Demo
- Search for a doctor
o Shows name, data validation, grid of management sections that data is collected for
o Different screens follow same format of form at the top with
o Small change for typing efficiency saves a lot of time in the long run after a lot of repetition – huge for end users
o The end users gave great suggestions on what would help to cut their time in half
o Prepopulated fields based on anticipated data was a small but very efficient change for end users
o Listen to the users and implemented filters based on the users’ feedback
o Resource manager page
o Ultimately want to make the application how the users want
- How the user interacts with the system is as important as what the user can do
- Take the feedback and make sure to use the feedback

How Could your Software Project have been better?
- a possible implementation could have turned out to be a pain for end users

Building Relationships
- Social skills are as important as technical skills
- We will be dealing with a lot of non-technical people
- Establishing good relationships with users will give them more confidence in your capabilities
- Don’t be that “IT Guy”
- “Weird” developers can evolve out of people who are arrogant
o You will get basic questions but you must realize that no question is a stupid question

Project: End User Reporting Product
- Someone in administration heard about new tool
o End users always find the new shiny tool
- Because of the groundwork established by the team, the users came to the team to discuss if the new shiny tool should be bought
o The users respected the team’s opinions
o You can’t walk into a job with instant respect

Customer Service at its Best
- Disney anecdote
o Disney talks about customer and employee engagement
o Disney Institute talks to other companies about customer satisfaction
 “everything they do they do with intent”
o Every company has a question to test employee engagement
 Disney asks: what time is the 3 o’clock parade today?
 Every employee is taught to be very engaged in the answer elaborating on the time
 McDonalds: “are you serving hamburgers?”
 Keep a step ahead your client

Take Aways
- End users view you as a partner rather than a software developer

What is different between healthcare environment and other environments?
- Patients come first, patient’s needs
- Everything ultimately affects a patient and we need to be cognizant of that
- Need to learn non-IT tactics and terms

What is the Spread of your time during the day?
- Today: spent 7 hours developing
- Can be an hour of development and 7 hours of meetings
- Best guess is 50/50 development to meetings
- Sometimes group will split where some go to meetings and some stay back to develop
- The

Question : what are some tactics you have used in order to really connect with doctors and clients?
- Get a lot of facetime with clients
- Let your work speak for you
o Be direct with answers and not be snippy with people
- The more you work with users, the more they like you
- Be responsive
o Establish a nice base line

How can schools better prepare people for working in the industry?
- The capstone is big in understanding how client to worker relationships go
- In real life, you develop an application and you don’t just throw it away
o You need to support it and continue it
o Have a class in which you build an app in freshman year and you support it throughout the college career
- Get any kind of internship or experience as early as you can
- A better or more advanced database class

What do you look for when getting a new intern?
- Someone with good interpersonal interaction

For full time
- Good skillset but also has good interpersonal skills
- A positive face to represent the group

We have a good skillset from this school
- Some schools have engineering majors and computers science majors who can’t write a line of code
- Everybody in a group of interviewers gets the same code evaluation

What class from college helped a lot?
- CS270 – learn a language
- Cs 470
- User interface
o Learned what people don’t like to do in an interface like reading and clicking
- Database class
o Helped to realize what the favorite class is

Do you guys use Waterfall or Agile?
- More agile
- Don’t always follow strict paradigms
- Sometimes a quick turnaround is needed

Do you know anyone who does a full blown waterfall method?
- Not really
- Totally premeditation doesn’t practically happen; you need to be open to dynamic change

How has a degree in engineering management impacted what you do?
- Doesn’t impact on a day to day basis
- But makes you more marketable; shows that you have the drive and ambition to apply yourself because it takes a lot of work

What are things you do to stay ahead of the curve in terms of evolving industry
- SIG (special interest group) meetings
o Presenters who are industry experts who talk about what is new in the industry talk about a certain topic that you may be interested in

- Have 1 or 2 days to essentially learn something new in a programming competition
- Take what you learn back to your organization and learn something new for yourself

- Meetup website is a great way to meet people who are hiring and looking for jobs
- Some are technical and some are just interesting

How has the computer science department and field changed
- Roseann says in the beginning of her career, she was constantly interacting with end users while most coworkers would be working alone on mainframe
o In recent years the interaction with client has become very important
- Jim says mobile has become huge
- You cannot be an expert at everything so you have to be selective
- Email essentially means we are constantly in meetings
o Emails should be replaced by phone calls because they are too passive and people hide behind these passive notes and say that they have been waiting for a while