March 28 Prediscussion

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
People Present: Dom, Dean, Peter, Palmer, Mberry

Cal Post-mortem
- interesting presentation because for some of us it was our first exposure to data science
- it was also a little hard to understand some aspects because of our background and the school's curriculum not focusing on data science
- great exercise of having us ask him interview questions

Cyber Security
- 3 people presented, one from JCU ROTC
- focused on acts of war; espionage that utilizes the deep web
- they were on a recruiting tour but it felt like they were trying to re-brand rather than recruit
- BASH and Linux received few remarks
- the Lieutenant mentioned certain job-related geographic expeditions
- we do not actually know where they work
- number one priority of the organization is to protect the army's network service from interception and corruption
- Palmer: "if someone wins the cyber war, it will spill over into conventional war
- the cyber warriors store everything because even if they have a warrant, they cannot revert back to Internet traffic from months ago if it was not archived
- they store all Internet traffic apparently
- probably end up throwing away most Internet activity because they can't store everything forever
- discussed the dangers from trusting the NSA: not too much worry from our group
- Palmer: there are people who legitimately don't want their activity out there and they deserve the privacy

Cleveland Clinic
- anticipate them talking about what they actually do at the Clinic
- anticipate some sort of exercise
- last time they apparently spoke individually in a penl-like format

People Present: Haylie, Callen, Jacob

Cal (Data Science)

Cal is very accomplished and knowledgeable about data science. Very positive and has a lot of bright ideas. We liked that he was someone we could relate to in terms of age. Also, his activity was really cool and allowed us to put ourselves in the interviewer’s position. This is very important in order to have a successful interview for any position.
We briefly talked about the new data science major that is going to be offered here. It’s a great new major that looks very interesting, especially with data science becoming an emerging field. It combines math, computer science, statistics, and another area of study of choice. Why are we interested in data science? Through the database class and big data course, we found an interest in data and how it can be manipulated.
There were a ton of perspective students at the Class of 2021 Celebration. Amazed how many people showed up and showed interest in the field of study. Expanding number of people who would like to major in computer science, data, math, etc.

Military Cyber Warrior

More a PR event. The number of people in cyber security in military is low and they are looking for more people. Seeking civilians to join program, and you don’t have to join army. Go on missions sometimes to break into systems that aren’t connected to Internet. Some technologies they use include Bash and C.