Dean S Prediscussion

Date: 2-28-2017
Present: Dom, Dean, Peter, Mberry

Mel McGee
- from We Can Code It
- teaches people how to code in a classroom setting
- we expect her to talk in a more academic style
- the format will perhaps be discussion based

We are all for diversity in tech
- last speaker noted how men like to tinker while women strive to improve upon humanity
- stereotypes are the main reason why computer science is a less diverse field

The CoverMyMeds shadowing experience is over spring break, while the IBM visit is May 5 either in the morning or the afternoon

Terri Postmortem
- talked about passion as opposed to just work
- it will bring happiness to try to find your passion wherever you work
- used a powerpoint and showed us her family to establish a friendly connection to the audience

Talked about other CS classes and our experiences in past ones.
- experiences in applying and taking evaluations for companies

Talked about a movie called "Hidden Figures"
- computer science centered movie about a woman
- the helps to solve a problem that the men could not in order to receive vital information

- talked about how it was possible to take a leave of absence, then enter back in it