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Host Team: Nate Austin,Matt Pistella, Andrew Whillans


Professional Bio

I am a Software Developer with 7 years of experience. I worked as a consultant in the build and deployment space for several years. Currently, I am working as a Java and Flex developer for Noteworthy Medical Systems, a subsidiary of CompuGroup medical.

Topic Description

Automated builds and deployments are currently a hot topic among many companies today. There are many tools available on the market and often several are required to work in conjunction for a comprehensive solution.


Version Control System

Problems with common version controls:

  • Don’t really know what state its in
  • Developers : works on my machine, but hasn’t been tested on others
  • pulling approach , pinging approach
    • Pulling Approach constantly pulls in all data, pinging approach checks for what data has been changed, pulling selectively.

Continous Integration Server

  • Interacts with SCM system (Source Control Management)
  • No one directly interacts with it, clean environment
    • Environment doesn’t get tainted by individuals, kept away from any individual.
    • Apache Ant, Maven both work on SCM to compile
      • Take code & put it into a jar, ear, war
      • Notifies somebody when a new build is made
      • Make script to send notification rather than pulling all the time, wasting space and resources.
    • Quiet period (e.g. 30 secs)
      • For every instance of a change, wait for pause without activity(changes to repository)
        • Instance another change is made, reset quiet period.
          • When quiet period has been completed, makes sure that the developer commits every single file before uploading changes to the repository.
        • Master, Slave Server
          • Important part of CIS, distributing work.
          • Talks to multiple slaves, hands out builds to different slaves to do the work
Artifact Repository
  • Another place to put files
  • Could be limited to jar files, things that are part of your build
  • After a successful build, the repository stores the designated files
  • Not optimized for storage, keeps track of how many you have
  • Things like images for UbiSoft that can be retrieved when needed.

Below is a diagram Jason Schatz used to illustrate how this system works

Dev — QA -- Production
SOX Compliance
-Who wrote each piece of the software
-Make sure that each person who wrote a bit of code has it checked by somebody else. Designed to prevent major errors or vulnerabilities.
-Avoid an Enron or Office Space type scandal

Medical Field

2 Products that his company AMS his redeveloping

  • Hospital Information System
  • Electronic Health Record and Practice management
    • Can be used both by hospital and provider
      • EHR
        • Everything about you from a medical standpoint
      • PM
        • Takes care of administrative/office stuff for doctors
    • Meaningful Use
      • Govt sponsored incentives to buy into systems
      • electronic records
      • incentive for Healthcare providers to leave paper system behind
  • Decision Support
    • taking things in your system and suggesting things to your doctor to do.