John Figueroa

Host Teams: John Hurt, Jason Dengler



Project Proposal

Their can be seen great prosperity in mobile technology's incorporation into healthcare while also arising some difficulties that could halter mobile device implementations. With the introduction of wireless informatics some companies may take a step back from rushing to go mobile while other companies may see opportunity and certain payoffs associated with the risk.
For my project I would like to discuss the growing prevalence of mobile devices in the healthcare field with handling the every day workflow of information in a hospital. For this to be discussed I will cover the aspects of convenience for both the doctor and patient through the use of electronic medical records. To show the necessary daily requirements doctors and patients face with EMR technology I will implement the open source EMR application OpenEMR. In doing this I will create my own personal EMR and study the daily user cases that would be handled and discuss a guide to this application in a paper format.
I will present a basic user guide that will outline the main tasks handled in a electronic medical record system (OpenEMR).

Mobile Informatics Recent Implementations

"eMOCHA is a free open-source application, developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education. eMOCHA is designed to assist health programs in developing countries improve provider communication and education, as well as patient care, by coordinating wireless devices with local server-based clinical training and patient care support services."-Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education

Akron Hospital has released a free mobile applications developed as a patient-care resource.
Akron Hospital adds app



April(week 1)-Implement open Emr

-As of today I have implemented my own EMR system, using OpenEMR. I have created mock patients and have created two personal mock health locations that my patients would be administered into.

OpenEMR Demo

A Demo is runnable through this link

  1. Follow the link below
  2. Login/Password Info
  3. Choose a Username and correlating password based on the description of accessibility you desire
  4. Click this link for the Online Demo and login with you selected Username and password
  5. OpenEMR Demo

April(week 2)-Outline (Begin rough draft of user guide information)

April(week 3)-Rough Draft~Implement some of the issues with EMR going mobile (compare relevant mobile presence in medical informatics)

DWP Response - There is no link here to the rough draft for me to read - How can I evaluated it? as of 5/1/11 Please include ASAP!
Also include a description of the mobile issues that you mention

April(week 4)-Final implementations and Paper compiled

DWP Response:
Please add these ASAP -DWP
Can you give us access to this so we can see it in action? - DWP (Thank you - screenshots are quite helpful to understanding the project -DWP)