Jason Dengler Emails Eric


3/31/2011 - Email from Jason Dengler

Eric Levicky,

Hi there, sorry about the slow response time I have just been very busy this week. I haven't really worked photon mapping yet so I might not be that much of a help. I would suggest looking into how you draw a scene before looking at lighting. Since photon mapping is about lighting the scene. If you are writing this from scratch the first thing you will need a math library that will support all the functions. ie: you will need a point, vector, matrix class for starters. I had to write my own libraries so I don't have any links where you can get one. Refraction is probably too complicated and I would even leave out reflection at first since it also adds a lot. Just getting color down would be a big step forward. If you remember from my talk the phong illumination model is how color is calculated for a pixel.

sorry I couldn't be of more help,

-Jason Dengler