Loren Pachuta

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For my project I will be writing a paper on hl7 version 2 vs hl7 version 3. The paper will give an overview of version 2, an overview of version 3, the differences, the problems with switching to version 3, and who has switched to 3/why it is more popular in Europe.

Milestone 1 (4/4 Week): Basic Outline COMPLETED

LP Outline

DWP Loren, please put the outline here locally on the wiki using the techniques that I showed you
For the next outline, I will be looking for a level of detail that demonstrates that you are proceeding significantly with the research

Milestone 2 (4/11 Week): More Descriptive outline Update(4/15): Currently still working on outline and gathering research, added to the outline but will updating this more over the weekend. (currently put the outline in google docs but will format it on the wiki when it is completed)
(remove this unnecessary link to my example -DWP)

LP Outline 2

DWP Response: Thank you for including the outline in wiki form.

Other than that, I see no evidence that anything has changed on this site since we spoke.

Milestone 3 (4/18 Week): Rough Draft

DWP Response: No evidence of a rough draft 5/1/11

LP Rough Draft

Milestone 4 (4/25 Week): Revised Draft

DWP Response: No evidence of a revised draft 5/1/11
With the final version of the paper due this week, I see no evidence that you worked on the project during the last 3 weeks

Milestone 5 : Finished Paper

LP Paper