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Christine Hudak

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Health Informatics at Kent State University

Health Informatic people
- study of resources and methods for the management of health information.
- supports health information technology, medical practice, medical research and medical informatics.
- it bridges the gap between Health IT and Health Management

Health Information Technology people
- hardware software programming software security, the coders

Health Information Management: analyzing, and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care.
- It is a combination of business, science, and information technology.

- Openend in 2011 with 1 factualty and 10 students
- They offer a Certificate & Master's in information Archetecture & Knowlege management
- Board of Trustees just approved MS in health informatics to replace MS in IAKM

- 18 credit hours
- Courses are exact same as what you would take for the masters
- There are 6 required courses

- 32 credit hours
- 7 required courses (6 of which are the same as certificate

- Electives determined by the faculty
- Whole slew of electives that you can take
- you can create a specific track of electives to focus on a specific area of study
- Electives change on reg basis
- Currently in the process at looking at 4 new electives

Culminating experience
- internship , project or thesis option
- Individual research with adviser based on student's goals
- Options selected with adviser based on student's goal
- It is based upon where you are and what you wanna be

The Expirience
- Done online
- A girl working from England
- This experience is done where you are
- Placement done by adviser
- Pretty much what you want it to be
- Internships & project locations
- Akron Gen Medical Center
- Akron Children's hospital
- Blue Chip Consulting
- Cleveland Clinic
- HIMSS Innovation Center
- Health Information Management Systems Society in Global Center for Health Innovation
- Northern Ohio Medical Center
- University hospitals

Job prospects
- American Medical Information Association: need for 5,000 health IT workers in nextt 5 - 7 yrs
- Need in every field
- Beureu of labor stats predicts employment growth 22 percent

Places to check out
- http://www.northernohio
- All sorts of info in opportunities topics free info join as students more benefits makes it better
- Free
- Spring conference's: health info in modern age
- Lots of different topics


The students: who are they there for and what they get?
- They are there for what their motivation is
- Healthcare profession
- 3 types of people
- 1. Mid level professionals
- Come if they want to be a senior analyst, etc..
- people who want to move further
- 2. Underwater basket weavers
- No degree in healthcare at all
- They come because the know it is hot
- They don't want to work in hospitals where they have to deal with blood & caring for people
- In a microchip have no knowledge

-3. Established professionals
- CIO's and such
- Got job moving up later but they want a certificates

- Motives are different
- Nurses, 5 pharmicists from NEOMed coming in
- 2 social workers
- 2 students from masters and public health program
- Alot of people from armed forces
- Get pay raise
- Tons of jobs at all levels
- Implementation specialist, programmers

Concerned about representation about females, dispariteraties between genders what can you do to bridge gap
- Group called Chicks in IT
- Not as bad as 15 yrs ago when started
- Got to do with not a lot of women in STEM professions anyway
- A lot learning how to
- 5 of best health hospitals have female ceo’s
- Women suppose to be in nursing, secreties, etc..
- She went in nursing route
- it is Cultural and institutional but you are seeing it change a bit

Is it enough to wait for society to reach equality with the gender disparity?
- Yes that has to start
- Her program is about 50/50
- Goes up because a lot because of nursing students Which not gender neutral
- Systems analysts that can relate to users experience better to seem to be females

Cumulating Expirience: Would it be crazy to get a job and use that as your experience?
- Not at all, we have alot of people that are working
- If this is something new that you have never done it is acceptable
- If it is something you have done for yr do something diff
- Manageral role
- We have got PHD's and Masters here
- This degree is designed for people working full time
- Paid internships are fin e to
- As long as you learn something
- We all talk and keep in contact
- We are looking to waive 3 classes
- Look at courses we have taken and then determine that
- It will give you some credits
- If you have something already we will waive that coure
- we are hoping to have it done soon

Is it for certificate or masters?
- It would work for both
- Transition out of undergrad, work on certificate, apply it to master

Similar volumes of knowledge, wide ranges of status, how does that change the dynamic of the program?
- All considered equal
- 1 credit hour externship for someone with no expirience with healthcare
- 1 week at akron gen so you know what happens in hos
- Work with IT people
- Come back
- We get you into hospital if you have never been before
- Once evryone hits program we don the best in discussions to make sure the groups are equal
- No one feels that they are smarter than anyone else
- Students cool, stagy, ask questions that she has no idea
- Oldest 65, youngest 22
- Oldest has put hwer arm around 22 yr old
- Show her how to work
- Monitor discussion groups
- Take part in discussions
- If people want pull rank - Physicians - we pull them aside - you don't know everything

What are qualifications?
- Must have 3.0 gpa, if you have that you are in
2.5 - 2.75
- It is up to me
2.0 2.5
- Up to me, take GRE
- Lowest gpa she took was 2.25 and ended up with a 4.0 in the program
- Provisional admission without anything special
- Advisors wokr very close with you
- If you see someone in trouble they will call you out
- We do not give gifts. If you get an f you get an f
- If you do your work, submit, discussion, projects then you are fine

You said Healthcare Info make more than Coders, where do you think salary is at?
- Had 42 graduates and everyone of them is making 6 figures
- Start at mid 80’s
- Depending where you are in country

What about Cleveland?
- If you are brand new grad around 80
- If you go on him’s website you van see where alot of jobs are
- If you come to conferences
- Vendors will pay you slightly more than hospitals

Success in management roles, do any students go into programming or roles besides management?
- Not yet but that why we are working with you guys
- Some cs major's take one course in Health Info and they get hired because they are looking for people
- Same thing with data scientists
- A lot of vendors need coders and there are not enough
- Covermymeds, optics, tons of start-ups
- DS particulary
- More data than they know what to do with and they don't have any coders to do anything with that data
- Writing standards a big thing
- One reason particular interested is we are actively looking for people, we can give back

Students with full time jobs, is it hard to maintain and get certificatee and master?
- I think it is easy because you can do lecture whenever you wantg
- Responsible for material
- You can request 1 on 1’s
- She had a 3 am conference call with someone just last night
- Most of them are pretty good
- We give them pointers
- Work life is not bad
- You dont have to take 3 courses in a semester
- You dont have to finsih in 2 yrs
- Had student come in who was not work, part time job, 2 course both semesters and she advised her to drop it
- Some sessions have 8-10 lectures
- have not had anyone who has really complained about

Differences between certificate and masters?
- Cert has no final project
- you get peice of parer that says you have a hinfo
- It is graduate credits
- You can take them somewhere else
- 6/7 classes are in the master program
- Its really a thing of preference
- We treat you exact same way

Coming out with bachelors how would the job finding work?
- We have not seen differences in day to day roles but we have more seen differences in manageral role
- The job's are more entry levels for certificate