Mark Creel

Mark is a recent graduate of John Carroll University and the first Computer Science student to graduate with a concentration in Healthcare Information Technology. He is currently contracting at Amtrust financial as a Quality Assurance Technician where he is helping develop and debug a script that will emulate a user going through the various products of the website.

Major - Computer Science GPA - 3.58

Relevant Experience

Amtrust Financial in Cleveland

Quality Assurance Analyst December 2014 - Ongoing

  • Develop and debug script based software that is able to imitate an end-user using the available apps on Amtrust’s website
  • Test to ensure there is an understanding between the parameters on the website with the information to be entered.
  • Ensure that new software is able to be released as early and as bug free for the end user as possible

Cleveland Clinic

Systems Analyst January 2014 – May 2014

  • Find duplicate records in the Clinic’s database and link these records together.
  • Developing a search module that will be able to find any and all doctors, and display all of their information.
  • Develop software that will help create an overall more cohesive digital environment within the clinic.

Cleveland Clinic

Systems Analyst I September 2014 – December 2014

  • Sort through Cleveland Clinic’s old reports and database and group them together
  • Build reports that replace large groups of unorganized reports
  • Update, organize, and maintain a library that keeps record of all the report statuses for both old and new reports.

Professional Skills

Java, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Basic C#, .NET Framework 4.0, Asp.Net, HTML Javascript/Jquery, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Access Databases

Notes from his Visit

  • Doing contract work, not officially hired yet.
  • Easy way to build up resume, getting experience with different things.
  • Quality Assurance Analyst at Amtrust.
  • Helping develop software that does regression testing on websites.
  • Runs software in test environment and they debug it and then see how the software works on an actual website.
  • No release notes so if they change something on a website your code could work one day and the next day not work.
  • Manual tests usually, not JUnit.
  • Ticketing system.
  • Automated testing software is complete but data has to change when websites change.
  • Process
    • QAs on each module. Run tests on website over night.
    • If there is an error they send it to Mark.
    • Mark runs his tests and if there is a problem he will report it and get a ticket to fix the issue.
  • Software logs in, enters data into text fields and things like that. Software can do a lot of things at once so for example it could be trying to enter a date in a calendar that hasn’t popped up yet.
  • People who make the web page don’t inform of updates, they learn about updates through web site.
  • Was told that his work would be judged on how much he gets done not the quality. Told he would probably end up quitting.
  • Interviewed at First Energy.
  • Don’t talk down about contracting position. Makes you sound like you are entitled, just discuss it.
  • Said he wanted to work with other developers instead of by himself. Said he wanted more consistent information.
  • Sometimes cannot find any work to do because he does not have any problems. Then he just tests and waits for things to pass or fail. Ends up not doing to much work.
  • Interview at Amtrust was very normal. Asked a logic question, a couple of coding questions. Nothing unusual.
  • First Energy interview did not ask any coding questions. Just basically asked questions about how he would deal with certain situations.
  • The environment is great and people are nice but the work flow is not good and makes it hard to work.
  • Tried to get it to work better, got yelled at because there was no ticket for the problem and had to go back and change everything.
  • Contracting can be good or bad, depends on the company that you contract for. You do get very wide range of experience but the experience is variable depending on the company.