Mark Falatovich

Host Teams: John Hurt, Matt Kucera

In eclipse I am going to make a program, for programmers. This program, through a series of menus, will help programmers to understand what doctors are saying so that the doctors don't have to take time away from their patients to explain diagnoses to programmers. This program will use the top 100 most common diagnoses according to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems(ICD). ICD has a list of categories such as respiratory diseases, neoplasms, blood diseases, etc. These categories are based off the ICD-9 code version. The user will see a list of 10 or 11 different categories to pick from, in each category are the most common diseases related with that particular category. The user will then select a disease and get a user friendly (i.e. not using all medical terms) definition of what that disease is.
^These are the sites I'm using to gather information, however certain definitions may come from other sources

By April 14th- have interface working with ~25 full definitions of diseases in categories.
By April 21st- have interface working with ~50 full definitions of diseases in categories.
By April 28th- have interface working with ~75 full definitions of diseases in categories.
By May 5th- have interface working with fully with ALL definitions of diseases in categories.

DWP RESPONSE: UPDATE this description, including the incorporation of Google Body, then I will consider approval

DWP MILESTONE 1 Comments: I see no milestone report. Please give a status of where the project currently is

As of 5/1/11 There has been no reported progress, no change to this wiki since I requested that you resubmit your proposal with the Google Body ideas included.

DWP MILESTONE 1: Still nothing as of 5/1/11
DWP MILESTONE 2: Nothing as of 5/1/11
DWP MILESTONE 3: Nothing as of 5/1/11

Final Project is done with the description of diseases categorized in menus according to ICD9 codes. I tried to incorporate the google body, but couldn't find any way to print out a hyperlink in java so I didn't include the google body, though I did obtain some links to where some of the diseases occur. However, diseases such as tobacco abuse and skin disease are hard to pinpoint on google body.

Here are the diseases that I did pinpoint on google body.

Heart Failure,m:0,sk:0,c:0,o:0,ci:1,l:1,n:1&nav=1.77,136.42,42.75&sel=p:;h:;s:225;c:-0.8;o:-0.9


Atrial Fibrillation,m:0,sk:0,c:0,o:0,ci:1,l:1,n:1&nav=1.37,135.13,18.59&sel=p:;h:;s:261;c:-0.8;o:-0.9