Mark Creel

Mark is a recent graduate of John Carroll University and the first Computer Science student to graduate with a concentration in Healthcare Information Technology. He is currently contracting at Amtrust financial as a Quality Assurance Technician where he is helping develop and debug a script that will emulate a user going through the various products of the website.

Major - Computer Science GPA - 3.58

Relevant Experience

Amtrust Financial in Cleveland

Quality Assurance Analyst December 2014 - Ongoing

  • Develop and debug script based software that is able to imitate an end-user using the available apps on Amtrust’s website
  • Test to ensure there is an understanding between the parameters on the website with the information to be entered.
  • Ensure that new software is able to be released as early and as bug free for the end user as possible

Cleveland Clinic

Systems Analyst January 2014 – May 2014

  • Find duplicate records in the Clinic’s database and link these records together.
  • Developing a search module that will be able to find any and all doctors, and display all of their information.
  • Develop software that will help create an overall more cohesive digital environment within the clinic.

Cleveland Clinic

Systems Analyst I September 2014 – December 2014

  • Sort through Cleveland Clinic’s old reports and database and group them together
  • Build reports that replace large groups of unorganized reports
  • Update, organize, and maintain a library that keeps record of all the report statuses for both old and new reports.

Professional Skills

Java, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Basic C#, .NET Framework 4.0, Asp.Net, HTML Javascript/Jquery, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Access Databases