Matt Pistella

I hosted Jason Schatz. And missed hosting Bob Cecil

For my project I am going to learn how to create animations and document my learning process in a tutorial format. I will do a handful of tutorials and then create some of my own animations. Possibly a simple animation and then one that is more complex using all of the aspects I will learn from the tutorials.

Milestone 1 (4/4) write an general outline for my own tutorial.
3DS Max Tutorial Outline

Milestone 2 (4/11) complete two tutorials in animation, also start my own tutorial documenting my learning process.
Page with Video Tutorials that I have done-3DS Max tutorials I have done
Matts Animation Page

The Result of My First 3DS Max Tutorial-Creating an Icecream Cone. Through a series of four videos this tutorial taught the basics of 3DS Max. Went over all of the menus and hot keys. Also Showed how to create shapes and modify them but did not get into animation. Just had me render and image.


Milestone 3 (4/18) create my own simple animation, and document the process.

My Own attempt at Rendering an Image of a car.

Did a Tutorial showing of to create the image of the Straw but did not go into the animation. I took the knowledge from other animation tutorials to Animate the Straw.
Bending Straw

Milestone 4 (4/25) complete a more advanced tutorial which exemplifies some more of the advanced components.

Tutorial Showed how to Use forces like Gravity and Deflectors. Also Showed how to modify the Super Spray particle system to make the animation of spraying water.

Water Sprayed on Teapot

Tutorial showed how to make objects into Rigid Bodies with mass,forces, and friction. Also showed how to use the Reactor Utility to take into account the mass and forces of each object and produce an estimation of what would happen when objects collide and move.

Car Crash

Milestone 5 (5/2) Complete advanced animation and Tutorial Document and or Video.

My Own advanced animation of a detailed Jack in the Box animating different aspects and objects to create a realistic Video
Jack in the Box

My own advanced animation of a hockey stick hitting a hockey puck into a stack of cans using Reactor to estimate the collision.
Hockey Puck Shot into Cans

Matts Video Tutorials