Mike Kovacina 4-28-11

Host Team: Byron Kazek, Dan Klufas, Paul Tagliamonte


Works at Hyland Software

  • 6-8 weeks of training to start job
    • Everyone has the same base about the company
  • People still run OnBase 3.6 —> currently working on 11.0
  • Able to upgrade straight out from every old version without patches (extremely impressive feat)
    • Software is purely additive because of this
  • Currently/Recently working on a project with Allscripts (Small medical software company)

Offline mode project

  • Multiple problems
    • How can we push documents offline and in a managed fashion?
    • How can we create documents offline then push into OnBase when we connect?
  • Faked IIS – proof of concept
    • Used a "switch" to interrupt and redirect connection.
  • Since a lot of the code has to be copied, it is hard to catch some runtime errors

Software engineering project

  • went against the whole team idea -> divide and conquer
  • turned out it was pseudo divide and conquer because everyone checked other parts
    • Took same approach at Hyland for some projects

Mike's Tid Bits

  • QA Person = Make friends with this person!
    • can really save you
  • Check Ins – scary thought breaking the whole build (and nightlies)
    • not the worst thing in the world – once locked out QA by breaking remoting
  • Being able to write is important to get things done as well as getting ideas across
  • Corp vs Start up – you have to like where you’re working
    • Start up – learn many skills and practice them (liberal arts stuff)
      • How to present properly
      • Learn your weaknesses
      • better understanding of these things
  • Interview process
    • At Hyland, everyone takes the same interview test no matter what position you are applying for
    • When asked about salary, it's better to give a "data" value and not a guess
    • Asked multiple questions about being a developer and coding
      • Design patterns
      • Data Structure
  • Stock is good option
  • Unity – overused term
  • Need profit for profit sharing!