Mustee Pre Discussion Notes 1

Present: Dean Iacianci, Dominic DiMuzio, Peter Short, Dr. Palmer, Mberry Seck
Scribe: Peter Short

Discussed Game Design Tests briefly

Christine Hudak came on Wednesday to discuss Kent State's Masters in Healthcare IT.
Lowering requirements for Masters or a certificate. 12 total classes currently to get Masters at KSU
- Large number of jobs available in Healthcare IT
- Dean applied to a handful of positions
- Dom applied to several places, didn't get the job at most places.
- Interview for UPMC was more leadership focused
- Peter got internship at TeleTracking
- At the Clinic they were upset that Dom was leaving to join UPMC, an interesting problem, almost joining a rival
- Over time the internship with the Clinic have developed

Alex Milinovich post discussion
- We're not impressed by the astronaut reference
- Impressive that he came from a Political Science major to being a data science

Compared to Cal
- Cal seems more theoretical, while Alex is more hands on, self taught.
- Cal is a better public speaker.
- Because Alex works under a manager, and Cal works for himself, we saw different views of their work.
- Cal gives data science in a nutshell, while Alex gave the day-to-day work as a data scientist.
- Cal makes data science exciting, Alex explained how he uses data science at his job.

Let's talk about Eric!
He helps handle YouTube comments on the backend.
We diverged into youtube comments and how its hard to find a video with half as many bad comments as good.
Talked about hackers who work for Ubuntu
Talked about SET, the matching card game.

We want to know about Google interview process.
What it's like living in CA compared to OH.
Dom mentions wanting to know about managers and overqualified employees.