Mustee Pre Discussion Notes 2

Present: Jacob, Callen, Dr. Palmer, Haylie
Note taker: Haylie

CS 476 projects

We went through and talked about each of our projects and demonstrated different aspects of said projects.

Callen: Personal website displaying her knowledge of CSS, HTML, SASS, and other web development tools.
Haylie: Alexa skills and paper about the morality around artificial intelligence
Jacob: Calendar/Reminder App

Administrative information:
-Trip to IBM Watson Health 9-12 (about 20 people going).
-Jacob is confused as to why Dr. Shick thinks he's a reliable source of information.
-We talked about the reflection essays and not wasting our time nor Dr. Palmer's time with what is written.
"Don't write an essay I don't like to read" -Dr. Palmer

Christine Hudak:
Palmer: Are things tougher in the cs job market?
Hudak: Trump's back and forth with Obama care is causing companies to wait and see what's going to happen until they start hiring and laying off and what not .

Metaphor: If a bill was going to be passed that would make it illegal for you to drive in 2018, would you buy a car now?
Those present: Definitely not.

Jobs are available but companies aren't in confidant positions, so they are more hesitant with hiring.

We talked about some of the different seniors and where they got hired.
We talked about internships and the similarities and differences between finding them and getting them.

Side Convos:

Alexa conversation:
She does some goofy stuff!!

Game Design:
"Two checked-out seniors leading a project" - Jacob

Jacob's quest for housing with his new job:
-One apartment opening
-Possibility of living with some others
-Doesn't drive so needs to be close
-Four places within four to five miles

*Marcus is a strong name

*Look into listening to zombie sounds to motivate yourself while running

Jacob on a run one night:
*cops pull him over**
Cops:What your name
Jacob: Jacob
Cops: Were looking for a guy named Phil, a tall, blonde guy running through people's yards.