Mustee Pre Discussion Notes 3

Present: Jacob, Callen, Dr. Palmer, Haylie
Note taker: Haylie

CS 476 projects

We went through and talked about each of our projects and demonstrated different aspects of said projects.

Callen: Personal website displaying her knowledge of CSS, HTML, SASS, and other web development tools.
Haylie: Alexa skills and paper about the morality around artificial intelligence
Jacob: Calendar/Reminder App

Administrative information:
-Trip to IBM Watson Health 9-12 (about 20 people going).
-Jacob is confused as to why Dr. Shick thinks he's a reliable source of information.
-We talked about the reflection essays and not wasting our time nor Dr. Palmer's time with what is written.
"Don't write an essay I don't like to read" -Dr. Palmer

Alexa conversation:
She does some goofy stuff!!

Game Design:
"Two checked-out seniors leading a project" - Jacob

Christine Hudak:
Palmer: Are things tougher in the cs job market?
Hudak: Trump's back and forth with Obama care is causing companies to wait and see what's going to happen until they start hiring and laying off and what not .

Metaphor: If a bill was going to be passed that would make it illegal for you to drive in 2018, would you buy a car now?
Those present: Definitely not.

Jobs are available but companies aren't in confidant positions, so they are more hesitant with hiring.