Nick's Notes

Founder of NEO health it
Deep expertise in consulting methodoligies…


grad with accounting degree.

worked in consulting for 15 yr/ process redesign, oral,
2nd half: worked with scientists and whatnot. Solven park.
Partner with researchers, help launch new businesses
Lead corporate incubator for 5 years
Now with bioenterprise

Eco development organization
Founded by cleClin and other hospitals
Evolved into biomedical cluster league
JOB is to grow the biomedical field in NE OH

Medical Economy-

She’s more about entrepreneurship.
Video = “Cleveland - The Medical Capital” []
Since 2002, 2.5billion of capital is in health IT companies
230,000 healthcare and biomedical employees

Avg 400 million venture capital from private investments. MUCH more than 2002, and appears to grow on avg…
Unicorn = company valued over billion $$ from private investment
Ohio’s first unicorn = …CoverMyMeds!
Other awesome companies - onshift, explorys, emanate, graphSQL, genomOncology
42 new health IT companies

What does it take to start your own IT company?
Meeting an unmet need is CRITICAL.
JumpStart is a website that helps people get internships and work with startups
Technical skills are in need
Off 1…do you need a business guy to start a business?
It helps a lot, but you don’t “need” one.

Health IT is great here

does bio enterprise do anything to help students get grants for doing healthcare research?
They do not help with academic research, only commercialization

What would you say…to a room full of undergraduate students why healthcare IT is the best to go into?
Get paid well…and doing good in the world

For computer science majors, how much experience is needed in healthcare to pursue a career in healthcare IT?
None. but having work in a clinical setting is a leg up.
comp science in healthcare IT just has a better leg up.
If you are good at collaborative settings, then that is great.
If you have EXPOSURE or experience with the healthcare process or even as a patient, it is helpful.

What types of questions do you ask to evaluate a healthcare IT candidate?
Not really an interview, just technical. Less about getting it all done, but how do you collaborate and work under pressure.
IBM watson health ask MATH problems.

What kind of math exactly…
Not sure, but probably around the calculus space. Total guess.

What exactly is “strategic development”?
Develop strategic plan for entire organization. Works with the board.
Community based initiatives as well - at the end of the day, we want more jobs to be created and filled.
Do fundraising b/c non profit.

Is it hard to get people to accept the idea that CLE is becoming the “new Silicon valley”?
Not difficult b/c of the amount of data that shows there is much growth.

Over this last month………..texas is growing tech area, seemed new. CLE doesn’t feel that way…so does the CLE environment affect the growth here?
Well, yes…people are trying to make it look better.

Which companies seem like the new unicorns?
Can’t say exactly, but many have caught interest and are receiving investments, so it is likely they will succeed.

What would you say is the most proactive way to look for jobs?

What is HMSS?
health management system society

Do educational events, part of cornerstone of this health IT economy
Great places to network

What are some other regions or cities that seem hot and how does CLE compare?
In terms of venture capital invested, cleveland is the best—
Other cities: atlanta, chicago, nashville,

Say you’re a comp science major, and you have an idea. But you dont think the idea is big enough…what would you think the next steps are?
Talk to someone first.
Some people can tell you if it is possible to make it bigger

What do you think are the biggest problems in the healthcare process that might have solutions in software?
Move to a model of outcomes
Remove procedures…make things faster…more efficient

So are we looking more along the lines of outpatient software? Maybe software gearing should go that way?
The industry is moving toward care provided beyond the clinical setting.
Tools that help physicians be more effective
Aggregate huge amounts of data
KEY is a “meaningful unmet need”
Work on sharkbite problems instead of fishbite problems

What is the biggest push in the healthcare IT, like data-mining or software dev?
Kinda a tsunami of all of that, you could ride any of them

Is automation bad because it is taking away too many jobs?
Eh, no. some fields peter out, but new jobs and opportunities are created

In your personal experience, do you think it is good to “update” employees?
I think she said…If u are being invested in, no, but if not, yes.

Entrepreneurship…do you believe the system is pushing for this? Or just for getting jobs?
More and more people are recognizing that entrepreneurship is become more important, so it might be merging towards that. There are entrepreneurship classes now that are offered all over, and taking one of those is very helpful!

Could you talk about the Case Western thing? - palmer
In the health IT space, there’s 2 types of positions.
Software Developers
Data scientists
Analyzing data, and using data to solve problems.
Visualization of data
Networking opportunity - first 2 weekends in march, coach high school kids in data science.

Research in data science mining, is it sociological research and working with SPSS with them?
Not sure what spss is, but the competition is about…using videogame data.
Give problem to solve around that, and use the data to solve it.

As you said earlier, comp science…what do you think is the best way to dip your toe in the water of comp science?
Hard to dip your toe

Hackathon…whats an example of something they did?
Some high school students won it and won prize money
Weekend long event
Jacob- dom and I went to portland with cle clinic, and they programmed for 48 hours. Given set of tools. Challenge was to use a diacom server the hackathon hosts set up, and make the most cool things. Patients could take a picture of some rash and send it to a doc to get a quick response. Got 3rd place :D
How do you really network?
Practice in the grocery store line, compliment them
Going to an event where you are doing something, and you have something to talk about, it is way better. Doing things with those people makes it more natural.
If you get yourself in the space, and you’re just open to talking, you
If you forget you are there to network, and the convo is that interesting, you will end up networking
When it is a formal networking thing, they EXPECT you to be looking for a job so it is ok to say that you’re looking for a job in this space.

Do you see healthcare IT taking mobile development on in the future?
Yes. whole health care model is working towards care so the better they can care for you the better.

So we know healthcare is really expensive here in USA…any solutions to make healthcare more affordable?
Improving efficiency is probably reducing the costs and thus the prices.

Do you think a startup would support healthcare IT education of a recent comp science grad?

With NEO health IT talent initiative, what do you do with it now?
Working on strategy to get and use talent.
“5 prong strategy”

How is it with working at the company and working on a masters?
A lot of work and stress, but it is very good to keep up on current things.

Given the fact that there are a lot less unicorns in NE ohio, is it better to work in better places like silicon valley or here?
Well, if you have top talent, you can go anywhere and succeed, but really it is much less expensive here and easier to get a job here.

What do you think is the top field to work in, in health IT?
Medical devices is so far ahead.
IMAGING companies are strong.
No “sweet spot” for health IT yet.

Do you think there is an issue with talented comp science people leaving when they work their way up?
Lack of interest in the field here, and lack of access to great curriculum. That is the biggest challenge here.
“How do we get more people to get in the field”
Palmer - came from coast, cle is a great place because it offers a lot