Notes Group 1

Present: Dominic, Dean, Peter, Mberry
Note-taker: Dominic
Date: 3/13/2017
Topic: Mel post-mordum and masters vs. experience discussion

• Mel's post-talk
∘ Scrum dominated the talk
∘ Wished she talked more about the Code Camp's practices to teach people
∘ Wished she would have compared a degree and a Code Camp more
∘ Seemed like class
∘ More questions would have been better
∘ Mel took the teacher approach and treated the talk like a Scrum lecture
∘ Code Camp hires are very inconsistent in terms of new hires
∘ hiring process can help with inconsistently skilled applicants but we think it is more focused on promoting diversity
∘ people at Cover my Meds did a code camp and a scout hired one of the people at the camp
∘ interviewing is a 2-way process - you are also interviewing the company
∘ people who run code camp's are generally biased towards to code camp - shocker
• Masters vs. work experience
∘ some jobs require a masters degree - data science
∘ development changes rapidly and if you don't go for something general or a long-standing technology (like operating systems) it can be out dated pretty quickly
∘ masters can be a lot of time and effort for a few thousands dollars a year more working the same job as someone with a bachelor
∘ (Class canceled…)