Pre Discussion Notes

1/24/2017 @2pm
Present: Dominic DiMuzio, Dean Iacianci, Peter Short, Dan Palmer
Notetaker: Dominic DiMuzio

• Differences between academic and professional software development
∘ More on the line in profession development
‣ academic - can fail an assignment or class
∘ professional requirements can change on client's whim but assignments don't change as much
∘ aren't huge deadlines in academics
∘ different motivations grades vs. money
∘ academic code is made to be concise and prioritize efficiency as opposed to pro code which is meant to be easily maintainable and doesn't place as much importance on efficiency
∘ pro code is heavily tested and aims for reliability

• Interview Process
∘ employers ask entry-level candidates on what they expect they cover in class
∘ difference between grad school and job interviews
‣ both want to know what you can bring to table
• different things - pro - can work independently and one team, works vs pay ratio
• grad school - look for support and intelligence, open slots towards end of season leads to lower standards, learning ethic that is desired for job
∘ multiple steps of interviews
∘ cliche of fizz buzz interview question
-technical questions (specific coding questions, what kind of work have you done?)
-personal questions(poem, what are your hobbies?)
-companies want to come across as inviting to potential employees (and vice versa)
• Internships

• Grad school
∘ pro
‣ job types being offered are not at desired level
• some jobs aren't even considered for bachelor degrees
‣ helps with upward mobility
∘ cons
‣ doesn't necessarily help with upward mobility…
‣ can make more money with job then post-graduate scholarships

Callen, Jacob, Haylie
Notetaker: Haylie
-typically stick to similar platforms and languages
-more towards the surface of learning
-opportunities, constantly learning new languages, platforms, files…etc.
-longer tasks, more time consuming and in depth

Discussed internships and the interview process
-some technical questions
*-not all places ask tho
-there is a big emphasis on willingness to learn