Pre Meeting Notes

Note-taker: Dominic
Present: Dominic, Peter, & Dean

• #1
∘ I agree with her, but I don't think we want to be like them but to compete with them in terms of offering something different
‣ compete on the same level but in regards to healthcare
‣ what's our niche?
∘ Hyland feels like a Silicon Valley company
• #2
∘ job market on coasts is already saturated
‣ more likely to get job that you actually want
• google - most employees are super overqualified
∘ relatively low cost of living
• #3
∘ perfect Entrepreneur = technologically skilled person with business mindset
∘ ability to hold on spread an build on the idea
∘ Cleveland bec. of case and other schools there a great mix of technological skills and business students = primer for great innovation
• #4
∘ anything to simplify red-tape based healthcare problems
• #5
∘ is it worth going back to school to for a MBA?
• #6
∘ typical path, move up to higher paid manager positions
∘ people better managed because they actually filled the tech positrons they are manager
∘ developers should manage developers
∘ developer manager is better then business background person for managing regular business people
‣ better bec. they offer have more experience of how the company is run at a lower-level
∘ better to be a CS major with a business masters or a business major with a CS major in terms of leadership roles?
‣ pretty similar
• #7
∘ peter- yeah it appeals but only get it if the company he was working for would pay for it and give him a high wage
‣ difference between job and dream job?
• game designer needs a master
∘ need to worry about being over-qualified
∘ peter's sister is going CS master when she had a bachelor degree in arts
• #8
∘ Why did you decide to work in HIT?
∘ Is Cleveland really a healthcare center?
∘ Bec. of managerial status, do you get to do actually code often in your current role? Do you want to code more?

Callen, Jacob, and Haylie
NoteTaker: Haylie
1. WE've heard people saying this, but we don't really know if its true. We don't really see NEO as a "hip" place, however there are places up and coming. We found it interesting how much she hyped up Cover My Meds.

2. Low cost of living is huge and in comparison to good salaries. The quantity of IT jobs around this area, from what we've been told, is also a positive aspects. It's not Silicon Valley.

We talked about how JCU might be better with connecting students with different career options.

3. "If I was an entrepreneur I would be a business major"
We discussed how CS is more support than create. While you are constantly creating new things and working with new technologies but majority of it you are supporting already made technologies and programs/apps.

"This is the idea and this is how you implement it" The idea is the business side, the implementation is the computer science side.

4. Make small applications and present it somewhere. Put yourself out there with your ideas to "get discovered."

5. More advice on networking, or more of a discussion about it.

6. It is a popular transition. We all know of people we work with who started in technical roles and then move towards managerial positions. People move from developers to senior developers and if that's what they want to stick with that is fine, but it also makes sense people want to pick up other positions.

7. It appeals to none of us.

8. It's hard to have a discussion/form question when there is little information about him. We just discussed possible questions we could each ask.