Presentation Notes

Cedric Jackson Presentation Notes:

• Background
∘ Cedric graduated John Carroll in 2014
∘ started as accounting major
∘ good at cs125 and cs150
∘ started Cedric media in college
‣ specializes in web and graphic design
‣ clients in multiple states in northeast
‣ gave website to client to butcher advice - take screenshots before delivery for portfolio
• Currently works for AmTrust Financial
∘ international company (Forbes 531)
∘ provides call center services for small businesses, etc.
∘ Software Engineer II - front-end web development
∘ team of 11
• Expertise
∘ HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SaSS, jQuery
∘ Visual Studio, VS Code
∘ GIT (importnat to learn)
∘ Trello, OneNote, SharePoint
∘ Adobe Creative Cloud
• Workload
∘ a lot of multitasking, multiple projects at once
∘ constant communication with team and testers and clients
∘ mentoring - helps new recruits on-boarding
∘ to progress - keep track of all daily responsibilities for mid-year reviews (helps with promotions)
• Required Knowledge
∘ Needs to stay up-to-date with need front-end tools
∘ before needed to create mock-ups; with experience can go straight to code
∘ Creates UX - promotes return users
• Sufficiency
∘ turn ideas and concepts into reality
∘ create front-end and hand it over to back-end people
∘ constantly researching with courses, luncheon learns
• Save many versions of work to roll back in the future
• Non-negotiable
∘ be very picky
‣ old vs new company
∘ pick an industry
‣ medical has great need for tech to transform it
‣ finance - has more cutting-edge tools
∘ get a compatible salary
∘ don't use tables for front-end
‣ need responsive UIs, mobile-first
∘ use good coding practices
‣ use design patterns
‣ make modular code
‣ write scalable code
∘ need to be passionate about programming to help staying current
∘ when interviewing
‣ need to pitch your skills and experience
‣ ask about programming stack
∘ know work days and hours
∘ make sure there is upward mobility
• Preparation
∘ create a portfolio
‣ homework, projects, capstone project
‣ personal projects
∘ career center
‣ resume
‣ cover letter practice
‣ recommendations
‣ stay up-to-date on references and resume
∘ career fairs
∘ learning
‣ source control
‣ client-side
‣ server-side
‣ management?
• need good architectural sense
• have a good portfolio detailing arch. sense
• working example -
• maintain good network at John Carroll
• Link for source control:

• Questions/Answers
∘ Angular, React - which one do you think is the best?
‣ never-ending battle, pick a version of a framework and learn one really well, bec. can be similarities between frameworks
∘ Only 2 web design class, would you suggest getting a certificate?
‣ Jay Tarby teaches classes on graphic design using photoshop and other Adobe tools
∘ How did you develop a love for web development?
‣ He did a lot of personal research into front-end technologies like html5
∘ Sites to learn about new trends?
‣ Googles it ("best website UX frameworks")
∘ What types of employees do you mentor?
‣ All front-end developers
∘ On, how do you see integrating music and CS in your career
‣ have hobbies to stay sane, music is his hobby to do outside work
‣ uses CedricMedia as platform for all of his interests
‣ advises to invest in self
∘ How did you get your first clients?
‣ social media
‣ advises to form contracts because people don't have expertise in field and don't know exactly what you can/can't do
‣ get paid up front
∘ Did you have any internships?
‣ no internships, got hired out of college
‣ played catch-up bec. of major switch at end of sophomore year
‣ recommendations from professors
∘ At internship, difficult to get caught up?
‣ on-boarding teaches about practices and existing code-base
∘ Did you have to learn about finance to develop for AmTrust
‣ no, learn how to write contract effectively
∘ Will send contract example to hosts.
∘ How to balance having business and working at the same time?
‣ maintain a good work/life balance, don't force yourself to take on too much
‣ work out at least 20 minutes a day, healthy body, healthy mind
‣ get a gym membership
∘ Where do you get inspiration for creating websites
‣ find cool sites, and find good resources to help you learn UX practices that are cross-browser comparable
∘ Helpful classes from JCU
‣ all of them (at least subconsciously), especially CS470 and all database classes