Rees Pre Discussion Notes

1/31/2017 @2pm
Present: Dominic DiMuzio, Dean Iacianci, Peter Short, Dan Palmer (part of the time)
Notetaker: Peter Short

Entrepreneurship vs Acquisition

Chris Rees has done both work at a startup and work for bigger companies.

Kyle mentioned that game design didn’t help him that much, but some students have more intentions to get into game design.

Gaming industry is an area where you don’t want to be easily replaceable, so try to get a graduate degree.

We compared what Kyle does to SSRS reports at the Clinic.

Most of professional programming is dedicated to writing reports about information for clients.

Areas of professional software development: Entertainment, Data, and Services.

We talked about Google Home and Amazon Echo and how they could be related to big data.

The Target pregnancy big data situation.

Rees was involved with Urban Code for a while, we discussed how they interacted with the IBM.

1/31/2017 @2pm
Present: Callen Therrien, Haylie Toth, Jacob Bradley, Dan Palmer (part of the time)
Notetaker: Callen Therrien

• Entrepreneurship and acquisition
• 20 points for the whole semester
• Chris Rees
o Startup company – purchased by IBM
o Has a software patent
 Ethicality
• Entrepreneurship
o What happens when a company is purchased?
o Are you asked to leave or stay on?
o Straying away from technical to business side
• Kyle
o Relatable because he was fresh out of college
o Honest, and down to Earth
o His job differs from our internships
o Crazy how he didn’t have any technical questions
• Technical vs logical questions
o Stresses of online coding assessments
• Workflow Process at Internships
o How testing is done at Sherwin Williams vs Cleveland Clinic