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Nothing here at 9:04am 3/23/11 DWP

Final Project Proposal

I would like to write a report on the economic and financial aspect of implementing new technologies into the healthcare industry, with a focus on government funding and the advantages and disadvantages of accepting government funds from a technological and business perspective. The goal of the paper would be to find the ideal way to allow technology to advance while providing optimal service to patients.

Final Project Milestones

+Basic Outline - Milestone 1

DWP Comments:
Very detailed outline - Some good information here.
I am a bit worried about the contents of some of the sections. This needs to be a research paper
from a dispassionate perspective. When you're done, it should not be possible to determine your own
political views from the text - resist this temptation.

+Milestone 2 - Begin Rough Draft -

The Complete Milestone 2 is mostly written hard copy from sources on to my basic outline, I can scan this in if you wish. DWP - How can I comment on something that is not here? The whole point of the progress reports is to demonstrate progress.

+Milestone 3 - Working Rough Draft.

Milestone 2 - NOTHING here as of 5/1/11
Milestone 3 - NOTHING here as of 5/1/11

DWP Comments:
Despite my repeated reminders in class, there is no evidence of any progress on the wiki for the last two milestones. There is no evidence that a first draft exists.

+Final Draft